Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Abt's are my 3rd host family :)

I have gotten in contact with my 3rd host family through meine Gastmutter (host mom) Daniela, she is the mom in my 2nd host family. I have only talked with the 17 year old son (Johannes) from the Abt family, but Johannes (Jones) is awesome! He is in 2 bands and I plan on learning a little guitar from him :) also he plays beach volleyball and trampoline? We have yet to understand eachother.. But his English is not to bad. Elke and Dietmar (the parents) and elias amelie eva tim are the other members of the family. Unfortunetly I do not spend to much time living with them. Also they live in a different town then where I am originaly living (Albstadt-Ebingen). Jones calls it a "village" becuase it is so small. The name is Harthausen. And he gestimated 15 minutes away from Ebingen.  From what I've seen on google.. it is still much bigger then Friend. But then again it dosn't take much. All the towns seem beautiful and I cannot wait to enjoy and experience them first hand. Nächstes Blog ... Deutschland! :D:D

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