Friday, June 24, 2011

Garuntee Form----> OMGGGG!

I cannot believe the time is finally coming for me to depart to Germany! It's unreal... after a year of saying I'm doing it..I'm doing it..I'm actually doing it!!! When I received my garuntee form in the mail.. my heart dropped. There is no wimping out. I'm going! :) I have received my first two host families, the Eisele's and the Goder's; both sound awesome! In the Eisele family the father's name is Frank, the mom is Christine, a 15 year old host brother named Max (who will be traveling to Florida on his exchange..lucky boy ;) & then there is my host sister named Hanna who is 11. I have skyped with them and I'm more than certain I'm going to have a blast with them. The sport I am most anxious to try out is rythmic gymnastics with Hanna. My next host family is the Goder family. Ernst shall be my host father, Daniela my host mom, Johanna will be my 18 year old host sister, and then Theresa who is 15 and will be gone on her exchange to Equador. The transfer of families will be different.. But I'm looking forward to seeing both aspects of German culture! The Goders are English riders :) I love horseback riding for all of you that didn't know! I ride western style so learning English I'm so excited for! From what  I read in Theresa's letter, the family travels quite a bit.. such as to Italy to go windsurfing (which is important to Ernst)! The family is also into skiing and sowboarding in Austria, My host parents give carriage rides in the winter.. I thought that was pretty sweet as well! I'm just pumped.... I don't know how to exactly tell you what I'm all feeling. ALSO I may be going a month early to visit a very "good friend" up in Genthin! Main purpose of the 1 month early trip... work on German! Becaue I left this small but very big contributing factor out.. My first host family speaks barely any English! I speak barely any German... not a good mix ayy? I believe this is a good thing on my part. The less English they know.. the less tempting it is to try and talk English. It will be all German since the moment my little 6 1/2 American foot touches German soil! Well a early good luck to my families ans and I'm so excited to have you guys share in this experience with me. Ich kann nicht für Deutschland warten. Bis bald! (bye for now)

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